Sunday, 16 January 2011

On My Own With Cocks: In the Cut & Enter the Void

Both times I have gone to the cinema by myself there has been a massive cock on the screen. By this point you are probably expecting a joke about an actor I don't like, and I promise I will not leave you unsatisfied, but you will have to put a little more time in before I provide you with your jollies...

Friday, 7 January 2011

Crispy Spiced Pig Tummy in Cider

For a long time I thought I hated Pork Belly. I had eaten it in a sandwich at a music festival, the kind of festival that has nice food stalls not crappy burger vans, and it had been everything I feared. Chewy boingy fatty meat. It was disgusting. Yet the world kept eating Pork Belly and I just could not believe that it could be that bad if so many people found it so good. So I had a go at cooking it myself. It turned out so much better than I could have imagined. Nothing boingy at all, the meat was succulent and flaky, the fat was no longer like any animal fat I had ever tasted and was instead like these little oozy buttery nodules and the skin was crisp and light. So I was immediately converted to the ways of the pig tummy. At least when its been cooked long and slow. So here is the recipe I invented. Excuse the poor quality of the pictures, I really have not got the knack for food photography, especially cause I left the skin a little long this time around so it got just a little tougher and darker than I would have chosen. But it all tasted lovely.

Recipe after the jump... 

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Session 9 Review

Session 9is not the film it purports to be. I found out about it in a list of genuinely frighting horror films on IMDB. The blurb made it sounds like a modern William Castle type horror affair, a big joyous scary ride. David Caruso was a lure too, his sideways glances in CSI:Miami with a scared look on his face sounded like a good time.
It was clear from the first shot of poor HD camera footage that I was not going to find the pleasures of House on Haunted Hill (either of them) here. It soon became clear this was less a horror film and rather an exploration of the stresses and strains of asbestos removal men, which in itself is not intrinsically a problem. The quality of the footage was further undermined by the complete lack of cinematographic creativity. I don't expect every horror to be a ludicrous effects fest or requiring a huge budget, but with less budget I do still expect the same level of creativity if not a little more.

Monday, 3 January 2011


Blog, food, Christmas.... well Christmas is over. This year, as with most years I cooked the pudding for our family festive feast. I always like to try something new, and a friend who lives in Denmark recommended a traditional Danish Christmas dessert called Risalamonde. So after doing some research into it, and perusing a bunch of recipes I made up my own. I was mostly drawn by the tradition of placing a single whole almond into the pudding and whoever finds it wins a prize. Apparently the prize should be a marzipan pig with a coin stuck in its belly, but I couldn't find one of those so I just bought a small handful of exciting handmade chocolates instead. Although there are a fair few components to this dessert, everything can be done in advance. The almond thins were a nice extra. It was insanely filling and I had quite the food slump after this, so be warned you probably need less per person than you might think. Especially after a huge roast or whatever else you might be having. I believe that's what the almond and the prize is all about, to force everyone to eat all the dessert so they feel thoroughly sick afterwards. Thanks Denmark.

Full Recipe after the jump...